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Testimonials: What A Lovely Dresser!

July 21, 2010

Our friend and customer, Mrs. Atkinson, sent us more photos! We’re always so thrilled to see our furniture in their new and happy homes. Mrs. Atkinson purchased this gorgeous, vintage dresser with 6 drawers. I particularly loved this one because the top two drawers has unique shaped drawer fronts. In her home, it looks perfect with her adorable accessories! Truly a shabby chic style home! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

And as a treat for us, Mrs. Atkinson sent us ADORABLE photos of her cat Carson. He was a hit in our previous blog entry! Here is a funny photo of Carson as a kitten climbing the front door. We saw this and thought it was absolutely adorable! Thank you for the update!

Testimonials: Brand New Credenza and a Pink Backyard!

July 1, 2010

Our lovely customer & friend, Mrs. Atkinson, shared with us these photographs of her gorgeous, pink home! We absolutely love the accessories and personality in all of her items. It’s so cheerful!

She recently purchased from us a custom-made credenza which you can see in the image below.  I absolutely love the pom poms on the doors. It adds a cute splash of color!

Mrs. Atkinson also told us about her pink backyard and we excitedly asked for a photo.  Check it out in the photo below! Don’t you love the pink iron table in the center? She painted her walls pink and covered them with white, wooden trellis panels. The result is so dreamy!  (Her cat, Carson, has such a lovely place to roam!)

And as a bonus to you readers, what blog entry is complete without a picture of a cat? Mrs. Atkinson sent us a special photo of her Carson as a kitten. Oh, we’re in love! This cute Tonkinese plays fetch! I wish my cat did that. He’s a CUTIE!

Your home is fantastic, Mrs. Atkinson! Thank you SO much for sharing your dreamy space with us and our readers. We’re thrilled!

A Dining Room to Melt Your Heart!

June 5, 2010

We want to extend huge thanks to our friend Jen for these gorgeous photos! She recently purchased from us our popular Bella French Farmhouse Dining Table and a set of these gorgeous Bella Chateau Isabelle French Carved Dining Chairs. When we received these images in our inbox this week, we were absolutely stunned! Coming from the ladies of The Bella Cottage, we’d like to tell Jen how FABULOUS her dining room looks and that we LOVE it!

Testimonials: Stunning Mirrored French Armoire

May 26, 2010

“I absolutely love the armoire! It is fabulous, and it is my favorite piece of furniture in the room… The armoire is really bringing everything together. Thanks so much!.” K. Duvall

I love seeing gorgeous photographs of our furniture from our happy customers! In these photos, Ms. Duvall has setup one of our One of a Kind armoires in this amazing space. The result is breathtaking and wow — what an atmosphere! I feel like I could sit in this space and rest all day! We love it!

Bloomsbury: A Chic Clothing Store’s New Look

May 16, 2010

Located in Century City, Bloomsbury offers elegant and chic clothing for women. Their selection of flowing and feminine designs recalls a vintage silhouette while maintaining an air of elegance. Besides gorgeous clothes, they also offer jewelry and skin care products. What more could a girl want?

The owners of Bloomsbury recently came to us to help them furnish their store as our vintage white furniture was just the complimentary look they needed to go with their wares. We’re happy to share with you these pictures below –we’re so impressed by the outcome!

The interior of their store is so gorgeous. And look at that chandelier! In this photo, the desk in the center was one of our refinished vintage pieces.

This stunning armoire was such a rare find for us. It features glass not only on the door, but also on both sides! And the mirrored backing creates a fantastic illusion of depth. This armoire is perfect for a store display!

I fell in love with their wallpaper choice! It compliments the mirror and bench so well. Never could we have imagined a better setting! (Both pieces come from The Bella Cottage.) Look how perfectly the chandelier is reflected! This is so scrumptious.

In one corner, Bloomsbury has displayed these two popular Bella Chateau Isabelle French Chairs. Ah, I remember the magazine stand! It’s so cute in that spot. You never know what you will find under our Bella Finds!

Bloomsbury also has this charming display near the front. Gorgeous gift items, jewelry and more! I adore the Victorian feel. And I need to purchase one of those parasols! This image features one of our teacarts and dining tables.

Here is an up-close look at the teacart display. How charming is all that vintage china? I love their selection.

Fantastic job, you guys! Everything looks perfect!

Westfield Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 1010,
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: 310-553-2001

To find out more about Bloomsbury, visit their facebook page! Tons of gorgeous photos of their clothing can be seen there.

Appliques: Give a Vintage Bed New Life!

April 20, 2010

We received a fantastic email from our customer, Ms. Veiga, showing us her incredible transformation of a gorgeous Vintage Bed. She did all the hardwork in refinishing and decorating it with Bella Cottage Appliques and the end result is flawless! We were all in awe of her bed!

The bed itself took ages for her to find and she finally found it on Criagslist! She saw great potential in this bed-frame and the curves in the foot board are simply too beautiful. :) She had repair work done to make the frame stable for her mattress and now it’s like new!

She writes to us: “Your products make everything so easy to do and the results are just fabulous. I plan on doing over my 4 poster this summer with the large rose swags and my dressers too.”

Ms. Veiga, you have an incredible eye and such a talent! We’re so happy you shared these beautiful pictures with us and let us share it with our fans! No doubt this amazing piece will be an inspiration to us all.

A Trio of Lovely Testimonials!

February 23, 2010

Janice purchased this gorgeous settee from us and did her very own, amazing transformation! Now, the settee has been reupholstered in a gorgeous, lavender satin. It’s so classy and beautiful!

Dear Bella Cottage,
I am simply ecstatic with my settee!!!
Over the years I have learned to buy the things you love because one day the right piece will come along to bring it all together. I had been searching for an antique settee for quite some time until I stumbled upon your website and fortune had it that Mindi helped me through my struggle of finding the exact piece I had to have. Picture after picture, settee after settee, day after day….you get the idea. She worked very hard to find exactly what I was aspiring to and went above, beyond & over the river & through the woods to please me as a client. It’s very difficult & scary to purchase an antique online, sight unseen, let alone a settee but Mindi supplied me with all info & pics to make a safe & sound judgment on my purchase. I can never thank her enough for cheering me on with her joyful assurance. I was very fortunate to have her working with me. Indirectly my husband is lucky too because he prides himself on making me happy and although he keeps scratching his head at my passion for working on this settee it keeps me out of his hair -haha. Men take note-give your exclusive other a piece of furniture to play with & they will be happy for months on end!
I would also like to let you know the shipper did a fabulous job!!! They are packing extraordinaire. It took at least 2 hrs. to carefully remove heavy bubble wrap & cardboard backing which prevented and chance of chips, cracks, etc. They were also very polite & pleasurable to deal with.
My thanks to Bella Cottage for helping me finally make my living room a room I love to be in!
Special thanks to Mindi….The Best!
Janice B.

Kathleen S. purchased this lovely vase from our Bella Finds collection and what a lucky find it was for her! In her home, she’s paired it with a stunning bouquet of hydrangeas and it looks perfect in her home!
She writes, “This vase is so beautiful! I can’t wait for my roses to bloom!”

Cindy from Canada sent us a photo of this pretty glass cabinet that she purchased from us in 2009! Now it sits in her home and keeps her lovely china and collectibles safe! We’re so happy to see that she’s happy!
See more customer images here!

Bella Maison: Reader’s Home – Cindy’s Beautiful Home!

February 17, 2010

We received a pleasant email from one of our sweetest customers, Cindy from Canada! And boy, were we pleasantly surprised to see such gorgeous photographs of her home! Cindy has a gorgeous collection of beautiful antique china, dolls and furniture and she arranges it all in a way that is very inviting and charming!

The picture above is a cabinet we once sold to Cindy a year ago. It was a One of a Kind piece and features double glass doors and glass shelves inside. It’s so exciting to see our furniture in a happy home! Now, it holds pretty vintage china & treasures.

Great job, Cindy! Your presentation is beautiful and we thank you for allowing us to share these gorgeous photos with our readers!

To view more fantastic pictures of Cindy’s home, see below. She has lovely and inspirational arrangements.


Customer Photos: Gorgeous Cream European Sideboard

September 29, 2009

We’re so excited to share this photo with you all from one of our customers, Ms. Rockwood. Earlier this year, she purchased from us a beautiful, imported, European sideboard. It was cream in color with gorgeous gold detailing and amazing carved details. It was truly unique! Nothing makes us more happier or excited to see the furniture in a warm and happy environment! Thank you!

sideboard french european shabby chic

Stay tuned! Ms. Rockwood is also a very talented artisan! She has sent us gorgeous photos of a custom designed, mosaic dining table that we’ll be sharing with you very soon!

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Chic by Sha: Dress Up Time!

September 21, 2009

Chic By Sha is a lovely e-boutique based out of Australia which specializes in darling, handmade petticoats. With Halloween just around the corner, these fun skirts and accessories would be the perfect addition to your little one’s look. Your little girl will feel like a princess when underneath layer after layer of fluffy ruffles. However, the best part is, her sizes go up to ladies! (One-size-fits-all!)  So, then again, don’t be surprised if you see ME swishing about in one of these lovely skirts!

I also love that Chic by Sha offers darling masks to match with the skirts they create. Reminiscent of Venetian masks, it reminds you of the fun and whimsy associated to Carnival!

Pink Venetian Mask

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