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Testimonials: Brand New Credenza and a Pink Backyard!

July 1, 2010

Our lovely customer & friend, Mrs. Atkinson, shared with us these photographs of her gorgeous, pink home! We absolutely love the accessories and personality in all of her items. It’s so cheerful!

She recently purchased from us a custom-made credenza which you can see in the image below.  I absolutely love the pom poms on the doors. It adds a cute splash of color!

Mrs. Atkinson also told us about her pink backyard and we excitedly asked for a photo.  Check it out in the photo below! Don’t you love the pink iron table in the center? She painted her walls pink and covered them with white, wooden trellis panels. The result is so dreamy!  (Her cat, Carson, has such a lovely place to roam!)

And as a bonus to you readers, what blog entry is complete without a picture of a cat? Mrs. Atkinson sent us a special photo of her Carson as a kitten. Oh, we’re in love! This cute Tonkinese plays fetch! I wish my cat did that. He’s a CUTIE!

Your home is fantastic, Mrs. Atkinson! Thank you SO much for sharing your dreamy space with us and our readers. We’re thrilled!

HEIRLOOM MAGIC: A Mosaic Creation by J. Rockwood

October 4, 2009

Have you ever wondered what you to do with fine china, antique heirloom treasures handed down to you from generations, and you want to keep within the family?

When I saw pictures of this table from one of our customers, I thought to myself, what a fantastic and creative way to keep the family treasures close and dear to your heart! Inspired by a Mosaic gallery in TriBeca, NY. J. Rockwood’s used her grandmother and Mother’s vanity tray, antique plates, and mirrored stained glasses, to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dining table. One of her very talented friends designed the wooden surface and pedestal on which the mosaic is laid. The detailed work and delicate design blew me away in the final photo to the right. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Ms. Rockwood also added iridized stained glass with the heirloom mosaics to add a stunning shimmery reflection to the table. Thank you for sharing this wonderful personal family heirloom treasure with us!

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