Pom Pom at Home: New Addition! Ruffles Galore!

I’m happy to introduce to you, dear Bella Living readers, the newest products to our webpage, Pom Pom at Home’s Audrey Collection! The first time we saw this, we were so charmed that it took our breath away. Pom Pom has done it again!

Above is a photograph taken from the Country Living magazine in March 2010. It features the Audrey tablecloth and ALL of its stunning ruffles! It is a sqaure table cloth, but it looks simply charming on round tables, as you can see below. Purchase the Audrey ruffle tablecloth here.

The table cloth, when displayed in this manner, just feels so frilly and feminine! The set-up with the pink roses and the ruffles just takes me back to the Victorian era.

Besides the stunning tablecloth, Pom Pom also offers matching accessories for you and your home. Below is a lovely tote-bag with the ruffles on the bottom half. Purchase the Audrey Ruffle Tote Bag here.

This style is also available as a Laundry Bag!

And last but not least, you can add charm to the bedroom with this ruffled boudoir pillow. All of the Audrey items come in white (despite the differences in the photographs) and they are all made of 100% cotton. Comfortable and charming for any shabby chic style home!

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